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The Art on here is totally Amazing <3 if you find your art here and wanna thank me (which there really is no need to :) ) you could drop me a llama (if I haven't already I'll give you one back :D )


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Dont really need the points, since im pretty happy with just a normal membership, but WTH might as well as set up this thing in case anyone wants to donate. I'm going to use the points to try and get a Premium Membership,but I will also use to give them to other people who need them too

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I got this from :iconalienqween: so thank you to her :) I figured I'd do one of these thingys since I haven't yet lol

Fairy /Pixie
[  ] You are under 5 feet tall.
[  ] Most of your clothes are size small or extra small.
[  ] Outdoors is where you love spending time most.
[x] You are generally kind and positive, but you have a dark mischievous side to yourself as well.
[  ] The afternoon is your favorite time of day.
[  ] You love natural things (fabrics, flavoring, materials, etc.) and hate artificial/synthetic things.
[x] You tend to look down at your feet or the ground when you walk.
[   ] You have "flying dreams" often.
[X] You are full of energy and love to play.
[  ] You enjoy making the new, and upgrading the old.

Total: 3

[  ] You love salty foods.
[  ] You love fish and other sea foods.
[x] You could spend hours on a beach and never get bored.
[x] You are crafty and love art.
[  ] You are able to make many surprising things out of what seems like the most difficult of materials.
[X] You are a bit "too" playful, and sometimes don't know when it's a good time to get serious.
[x] You enjoy water activities, such as water gun/balloon fights, swimming pools, sprinklers, picnics at the beach, etc.
[  ] Not many people know a lot about you, as most of you is a mystery.
[x] You almost always stare at and/or twirl your straws in your drinks.
[X] You act tough on the outside, but are actually very soft and sensitive on the inside.
Total: 6

[x] You are a shut-in and don't enjoy going outside often.
[x] Nighttime is your favorite time of day.
[x] You are more active during the night than during the day.
[x] You eat weird things that most of the people you know don't understand or particularly like.
[  ] You are confident in yourself and have much pride.
[  ] You find entertainment in flirting with others.
[  ] You have an eye for expensive things, and only accept the best of the best
[  ] You tend to lack sympathy and are often only concerned about yourself.
[x] You have a strong distaste for any foods saturated with garlic or grease.
[x] You have a bit of a depressing past and therefore distract yourself with the present to try to temporarily forget it.

Total: 6

[  ] A cozy cabin in the woods is your ideal home/vacation home.
[x] Anyone can tell your home/bedroom is owned by none other than you, as it has been modified with your own special style into your own personal "den."
[x] You often get upset when you find someone somewhere where they don't belong.
[x] You are among the loyalest in your family/group of friends and would do anything to protect your loved ones.
[x] You enjoy smelling different scents.
[ X ] You even have an emotional attachment to some scents..)
[X] You like your privacy, but are still more than willing to converse and play with your loved ones when the time is right.
[X] You tend to be very moody.
[x] You have hurt someone dear to you by saying/doing things you didn't mean to say/do.
[ X ] You love red/dark meat.

Total: 9

[X] You are almost entirely kind and positive. Some may argue you don't even have a bad side to you at all.
[X] You are often "blind" to the "bad side" of things.
[X] You love spreading your positivity to others and cheering people up.
[X] You don't know how to handle "bad people" and "bad actions" well. You may even overreact and get meltdowns.
[  ] You are honest to the point of hurting people or possibly yourself.
[X] You are very ambitious. Sometimes even to the point where you are unable to be realistic.
[X] You love almost everything and everyone.
[  ] Some people describe you as a bit of a "ditz" or "scatterbrain."
[x] You love to daydream and lose yourself in fantasy.
[X] Plants, such as vegetables lettuce and wheat, are some of your favorite foods.

Total: 8

[  ] You are sly and cunning, able to trick and fool almost anyone.
[X ] You are distant and don't enjoy much company.
[x] You enjoy wide open spaces.
[x] You are quite lazy and don't do much physical activity.
[  ] But when you do you are able to accomplish amazing physical tasks.
[  ] You aren't very picky and will eat almost anything given to you.
[x] You love collecting things.
[x ] And you have great difficulty getting rid of/letting them go.
[  ] You would do anything to accomplish your own personal dreams and desires.
[  ] Many people fear you, and you like it that way.

Total: 5

[x] You must always have a plan for anything you do.
[  ] You weigh less than the average weight for your age and height.
[  ] You are taller than 5'10".
[X] Your vocabulary is extensive and your way of speaking is sophisticated.
[x] You prefer fighting with your wits and intelligence rather than your physical strength.
[  ] You speak more than one language.
[  ] You like to keep things formal and are rarely casual about any situation.
[X] You are often too serious and sometimes even find it difficult to loosen up.
[  ] You have taken an archery class.
[  ] You are swift on your feet and rarely stumble. (HAH.)

Total: 4

[  ] You are Irish.
[X] You are often misunderstood.
[  ] You are feared by some people despite the fact you don't even do anything bad to them.
[x] Sometimes you feel invisible and ignored by others.
[x] You love to sing.
[  ] You are terrible at keeping secrets.
[x] You love antiques.
[x] You enjoy exploring old places.
[X] You are not afraid of death.
[X ] You scream loudly whenever you are scared.

Total: 7

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  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: total Drama island
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
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ummmm im really shy and I sometimes have trouble talking to new people so dont think of me as rude I'm not doing it intentionally...but other than that im nice and once I get comfortable around someone I'm actually a pretty cool person lol :3 I use my Gender bend name on here and only tell people I'm close with my real name.
I know my art isn't as great as some people's on here but I try my best! (where the hell is my good job sticker for trying!?) :iconpewdiebrofistplz:

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Meh Buddies!!!!!!!

Check out my fantablous friends Mitchelle's page! Her art is gory, bloody and drop dead gorgeous. No joke lol
:iconthe-taco-queen: ----the-taco-queen

Check out Kelly's page! She's a wonderful friend of mine and she's really nice and funny. Her fanfics keep you on edge and her art is beautiful!
:iconthestrawberrywitch: ----TheStrawberryWitch

Check out Jaiden's page! He's a awesome friend of mine who has been a big supporter of my work! And he does amazingly awesome cosplays and his art is magnificent!
:iconsugarcoatedkitty: ---- Sugarcoatedkitty

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I LOVE eevee!!!! and all the evolutions!!! X3

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